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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Hello, today I have the card I made to thank our vets for all the care they gave over 2 and a half years to keep our gorgeous guinea pig Ted alive.  He collapsed in 2010 and after emergency treatment was diagnosed with a heart condition which apparently is very common in guinea pigs but often misdiagnosed as a respiratory infection.  

He was on heart medications and lived life to the full indoors with us until he died from an undiagnosed tumour last September as a result of inbreeding by the person who sold him to the pet shop I bought him from.

I hadn't been able to post this before and even now still find it very upsetting.     

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  1. A special card Pauline .. .. but made for a sad reason.

    He looks such a cute little guinea pig. We looked after the school one during a holiday break one year and I can hear it now squeaking its way around our kitchen. Such cute things!

    Love Jules xx


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